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Two years ago someone told me about SABLE goggles. Suppose to be the best goggle out there. To be honest I looked at the price and figured that one goggle cannot be that much better than another. It turns out I was wrong.

After several prompts I broke down and bought a pair. I was amazed at the clarity of the lenses. They fit more on the inside of the eye so I have no ring around the eye after a long set. And even though small I had a full field of vision. The anti-fog is extra strong. On a recent Oly race on a very hot and humid morning they did not fog at all. The lenses can be individually replace and they make rx lenses if you need them.

Our friends at Cahaba Cycles in Homewood carry them. Next time you are upgrading or replacing your goggles I highly recommend that you stop by and check them out.



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