Team Approach: Utilizes a team approach to injury recovery and prevention. The Team consists of Coach, Sports Physician and Physical Therapist.

Individualized Approach: A program is designed specific to the runner/swimmer recovery from injury involving constant feedback loop involving the athlete, coach, physician and physical therapist.

Focus of Program: Creating better form and strength to improve recovery and lessen likelihood of recurring injury.

“To Get Faster Train Smarter” – That is the idea behind Peak Performers Coaching. That slogan is easily changed to ‘To Get Healthier Train Smarter”. Smarter training NOT harder training results in better form and fitness with fewer injuries or possibly no injuries.

Three important aspects of successful training are Consistency, Repeatability and Measurability.

Consistency: To be a successful athlete at any level the athlete’s training must be consistent. The frequent interruption in our training caused by injuries keeps the athlete from improving their endurance and speed.

Repeatability: Injuries are often caused by a combination of poor form and underdeveloped muscles, bone and tendons in new athletes or poor form and overuse of the same areas by experienced athletes. With consistent and repeated practice utilizing drills specific to building better form and strength the athlete will recover more quickly from injuries and be less likely to be reinjured.

Measurability: Using the athletes past history and base line evaluations the athlete’s improvement through consistent and repeated practice will be tracked over time to give feedback on improvement.

Program Includes: Run Mechanics, Swim Technique, Core Stabilization and Long term Plan for Improvement… for juniors we also focus on attitude, expectations and sports conduct.

Average time commitment: 4 months for a change in form to become natural and internalized.

Cost: First hour: $85.00. The first hour includes an evaluation of current form and the set-up of a program for improvement. It is recommended that the athlete meet with the coach once a week for the first few months. After that bi-monthly meetings are suggested.

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