This past weekend was Capital of Dreams triathlon, sprint & olympic distances, in Montgomery, AL. I'm proud to announce that our PkPerformers athletes and Vulcan Triathletes took home a lot of hardware! Congratulations to everyone that raced.


Most of us that raced had a very early start to the day. Transition opened at 5:30 a.m. and was to close promptly at 6:30 a.m., so we all needed to get our gear into transition and get our warm-ups done early. All athletes had to be aboard the Harriet (yes, this is boat) for a 7 a.m. departure upriver to the swim starts. 400 yards up the sprint athletes took off one by one. And then the Harriet continued upriver another 1100 yards to drop off the olympic distance athletes. It was a time trial start with one person after the next jumping off the boat and into the Alabama River.


The water temperature was just cool enough to allow for a wetsuit legal race, although many of the sprint distance athletes chose not to wear them. The current was very strong allowing for extremely fast swim times. Some of the fastest sprint swim times were just under 4 minutes!

rich swim


susan swim

The bike course was fast and flat for the most part. A little headwind slowed times down on the way back in, but good conditions and flat roads made up for it.

sarah bike

The run was probably the most challenging portion for both distances. The temps had risen and the sun was out in full force. There was one little...okay not so little hill that we hit almost immediately out of transition. The olympic folks had the pleasure of running it twice! But still, great times were being produced despite the challenge of the run course!

sarah run


All in all we had a great day. Here is a list of the PkPerformers that had fantastic races!

Susan Lines: 2nd Age Group

Rich Mays: 2nd Age Group

Jon Herron: 3rd Age Group

John Carroll: 1st Age Group

Troy Goss: 2nd Age Group

Coach Sarah: 1st Age Group

Wayne Qualls: PR in the Sprint distance

Special shout out to PkPerformer Lance Steed who raced Grandman Triathlon and was 1st Age Group!




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