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Do you have big plans for your 2018 tri season? If so, I’d like to urge you to consider using a local triathlon coach to help you reach your goals.

Always coached yourself or bought a pre-made plan online? Sure, both of those options can be less expensive, especially when you factor in your gear, your races fees and travel fees. BUT, let me give you a few good reasons to consider a local, hands on coach.

Several years ago I had never considered spending money on a coach. With race fees and bike expenses I felt like shelling out more money each month was not worth it…it’s not like I was ever going to be Pro or anything.

But then something happened. I signed up for Ironman. I suddenly realized that I didn’t have the knowledge or tools to get me to the finish line. The thought of looking online for a generic plan honestly never crossed my mind. If I wanted to make it to the finish line the right way I knew I would need someone that could look at my swim stroke, review my workout data, and analyze my run form. I knew that by just following some pre-made plan I would not have any real incentive to push through the hard training days. So, I decided to hire a local coach, and that changed the way I trained and the way I thought about triathlon in general. It changed me so much that I decided I wanted to become a triathlon coach. So, here are some very good reasons to hire a local coach!

The training is Specific to you. A local coach gets the opportunity to create a training plan that is unique to you and your current fitness level. And as you grow and strengthen as an athlete your plan gets to grow and strengthen with you. Your coach has the ability to change and adapt workouts as you go and become stronger and fitter.

1) The Feedback is more important that you realize. By having a local coach, you get the benefit of feedback from workouts. If you meet with your coach, then that person gets to see you and give immediate feedback as to how you are doing. You now get the opportunity to improve your swim stroke or work on run drills to shorten your stride because someone has seen you and is trying to help you become more efficient and race ready. Did you complete a long 6+ hour bike ride and just want someone to tell you great job, I saw you got that workout in and it was spot on? An online plan can’t do that for you.

2) Accountability. It doesn’t matter if you are training for an Iron distance event or a Sprint distance event, there are times in training that you just don’t feel like going out there and doing that tempo run or that drill session in the pool. When you know someone is expecting you to complete that workout, and you know they are going to take the time to review what you did, you are more inclined to get out there and get the job done.

3) The Opportunity to Learn so much more. Whether it is about the sport or your own personal growth, having a coach can help you realize your potential. You have someone to ask why am I doing this workout? What is the benefit for me? There is always a reason behind why a workout is given. Now you get the opportunity to ask someone what that is. I think most of us have been there…if we know the why behind something we are always more inclined to get it done because now it makes more sense.

4) Goal Setting. Great, you’ve signed up for a bunch of races, but now how do you determine the priorities and how are you going to achieve them? A coach can help you define realistic and attainable goals for the season and for the individual races, that will help you grow and increase your confidence in your abilities.

There is also one more item I’d like you all to consider: the cost. As mentioned earlier we spend a lot of money on our gear, our races fees, our travels expenses…so why skimp on the one item that can actually make us faster and fitter? Most of us triathletes have type A personalities and want to be the best they can, whether it’s to place Overall, Age-Group, or just beat a previous time. A coach can give you the tools necessary to reach those targets, and get you their happy and injury-free.

My Top Eight Reasons For Hiring a Coach
1. Training Tailored to You
2. Feedback
3. Accountability
4. Personal Growth
5. Goal Setting
6. Learn New Ways to Train
7. Reduced Risk of Injury
8. Potential for New Challenges






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