A little bit about Sarah.

Sarah is a 2006 graduate with a degree in Business Management. In the eight years following her graduation, she moved into a management position where she had the opportunity to not only manage and administrate, but to train her employees to do their jobs well. As a trainer, nothing was more exciting to her than to watch her employees understand the concepts being taught and to improve, flourish, and then pass on what they had learned to those coming up behind them. As an administrator, she knew the importance of the time and effort needed in planning, scheduling and communicating with employees. 

As a coach, she knows that these same principles apply. Over the past year and a half, Sarah has been amazed to see her athletes start in one place and watch as they build strength, speed and endurance to end up at a completely different level. Nothing is more satisfying to her than watching the confidence in her clients improve and grow. She has witnessed how this changes their approach to training and gives them more courage to push past what they thought was originally impossible.

Sarah never thought that she could have so much fun doing a sport; and she is even more passionate about being able to pass that on to others through coaching. Triathlon is a sport you must be persistent at, dedicated to, and enthusiastic about if you truly want to reach your potential. Sarah’s hope is that younger kids and older adults alike will see that triathlon can be balanced between work and family and still be fun and challenging, but most of all rewarding.


USATF L1 Certified
USAT L1 Certified
Youth Certified
Juniors Certified.


She has competed in all triathlon distances – from Ironman events to local sprints, with many podium finishes.

Sarah’s goal for 2016 is to qualify for the 70.3 World Championships for 2017!



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